The Home of Golf isn't short of outstanding 19th holes, quite the opposite - here are some of the best...

St Andrews is truly blessed. It can boast about its' great number and huge variety of wonderful pubs. A staple of any proper UK town, St Andrews boasts dance-y bar pubs, Scottish inn pubs, grub pubs and upper-crust "pubs".

A multifaceted wonder, the Vic is where all the cool kids go. Whether craving a boozy brunch, crazy amount of cocktails or a sample session of Scotland’s best gin, Vic’s has you covered. And then there’s also the ping pong tournaments, video games, board games and epic night time DJ sessions! This hip hangout is decorated to impress, with its exposed industrial stone walls, lashings of wood, arty touches and overall cool feels. Drinks wise, there are no expenses spared with its clever cocktails of all kinds and alcoholic punch bowls.
1 Saint Marys Place, , St Andrews +44 133 447 6964

Drouthy Neebors
A home away from home, Drouthy Neebors is the kind of pub worthy of local status. The traditional Scottish pub atmosphere is complimented with endless drinks options ranging from real ales and whisky for days to perfectly poured pints. Cozy vibes reign supreme as do appealing prices, top-notch bar food and a myriad of weekly activities like pub quizzes. Drouthy’s is famed as a legendary local icon.
209 South St, St Andrews +44 133 447 9952

The Jigger Inn
This historic building is steeped in history. It dates back to the 1850s, when it was the station master’s lodge and the history and heritage live on. Today, The Jigger Inn is home to golfing memorabilia, crackling open-hearth fires, home-cooked food and a superb selection of Scottish beers – this is traditional Scottish pub hospitality at its very best. Fondly referred to as ‘the towns best 19th hole’ and much loved by the many celebrities who visit.
The Old Course Hotel, St Andrews +44 133 447 4371

The Adamson
The Adamson may take the crown as Scottish Restaurant of the Year 2015 and Restaurant of the Year Casual Dining 2016 but its bar is just as bonnie. Chic-er than chic, this cocktail mecca mimics the kind of trendy drinking establishments found in New York. The effortlessly contemporary decor and arty accents create the perfect setting to sip the day and night away over the dynamite cocktail list — think magical dry ice moments, sous vide syrups and infusions and barrel-aged delights. These cocktail connoisseurs, with their moreish mixes and hypnotic tricks, can do no wrong.
127 South Street, St Andrews +44 133 447 9191

Central Bar
A candidate for the nicest looking pub in St Andrews The Central’s classic aesthetic and island bar are definitely its most appealing aspects. The only real drawback being its higher prices. Its extensive selection of drinks and outdoor seating make it a gem of a pub that’s probably the perfect spot in town for a nice chilled drink.
77 Market Street, St Andrews +44 133 447 8296

St Andrews Brewing Company
The star of the St Andrews beer show, this brew pub is one in a million. Between the sumptuous selection of multi-award winning craft beers straight from their local craft brewery, 18 taps of non-stop elixirs and epic range of bespoke gins, bourbons, cider, unusual wines and coveted malt whiskies, the whole scenario is golden. Rows of pretty cascading fairy lights embellish the already trendy relaxed furnishings, while the gourmet food champions local artisanal businesses. Consider St Andrews Brewing Company
a little slice of gastronomic heaven.
177 South Street, St Andrews +44 133 447 1111

Whey Pat's
To many in St Andrews, it’s either Whey Pat’s or Drouthy’s. And we say the best way to settle this age-old debate for once and for all is to alternate between the two! This fuss-free traditional pub is graced with unpretentious charm, sublime nachos and the kind of ambience worthy of a cracking night out. Whey Pat’s regularly hosts fab live folk music sessions — pair these with any of their many great beers and the rest is history.
1 Bridge Street, St Andrews +44 133 447 7740

Aikman's Bar
On the face of it Aikmans should not be on this list. The décor of the upstairs in particular is dated and even with two bars it is quite small. Yet, there is just something about it. It’s always open late, it’s always fun and it’s full of a great variety of people. There is no rival for Aikmans in terms of character. For others it may be just another pub, but for many, it is one sweaty, cramped and alcohol filled package. In short, it is everything a pub should be.
32 Bell Street, St Andrews +44 133 447 7425

The Criterion
Praised by the masses as a ‘proper pub’, The Criterion pays no attention to unnecessary bells and whistles and instead focuses on what really matters — excellent booze, an admirable atmosphere and top notch pub grub. The traditional Scottish vibes and laid back interior welcomes all odds and sods from locals and mature students to everyone else in between. With over six cask ales and over 160 malt whiskies, not to mention the coffee and must-try pies, The Crit is forever on top form.
99 South Street, St Andrews +44 133 447 4543

The Road Hole Bar
Whisky aficionados around the globe flock to the Road Hole Barto sample more than 250 whiskies from distilleries all over Scotland; past and present. The bar also has an excellent selection of cocktails, champagnes and wines for you to enjoy whilst experiencing the very best view in golf.
The Old Course Hotel, St Andrews +44 133 447 4371