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Every client, every trip, every time


We always believed we are much more than a golf travel company. We truly get excited about every trip we plan and we are at our highest value when we are viewed as true partners with a client.

We travel with you to your destinations vicariously, as if we were really there. We ask that you send us pictures while you're away so we can be there as well. So, yes, we actually plan the trips with great care and detail, as if we were going along ourselves.


Organizing a golf trip of any kind without knowledgeable professionals is not for the faint of heart. Doing it yourself could end up in disaster and cost you more than if you'd sought the services of golf travel experts.

The list of items that need to be addressed in order to plan and build the perfect golf getaway is extensive...You will need to determine the availability of the various golf clubs you wish to play (each with its own rules and regulations regarding visitors). You must find and reserve the most suitable hotels that will be convenient to all golf courses, the airport and any sightseeing you may want to do. You will need to book a car rental that will be large enough for golfers, luggage and clubs. And you'll need to understand the local auto insurance rules if you're traveling outside your home country. You will need to determine driving distances from hotels and courses and be certain of driving directions. You may need to book caddies at one or more golf clubs for your group. You will need to collect deposits and final payments from each person in the group and then pay each golf course, hotel and car rental company individually.

If you choose to make your own arrangements you should be prepared for a time-consuming and thankless undertaking. Your fellow golfers will ultimately turn to you if you hit a bump in the road during your trip. Who will you turn to when you discover the hotel has no reservation for you, or a golf club can find no trace of your booking?

You deserve a trip that is planned and executed perfectly and provides you with great memories that will last a lifetime. When chosen correctly, the right golf travel company will provide you with a perfectly planned and trouble-free trip, where you do nothing more than sit back and focus on enjoying your trip, your golf and your closest friends.

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Golf travel is one of the most specialized segments of the travel industry and it takes a wealth of knowledge and a dedication to the subject, which may not be found among all tour operators. We are true golfers and extensive travelers and have played over 1,000 of the world’s best and most well-known golf courses. We have stayed in hundreds of hotels, inns and bed and breakfasts in the U.S. and Europe. And we have researched and experienced an array of dining options in most of the dozens of locations we book. We have traveled the world for decades doing exactly what you want to do...playing great golf courses on fun and carefree vacations.


Sometimes planning the perfect golf trip is hard. You may not be sure of the exact dates, courses or even location you want to visit. We understand, we go through that as well when we travel. We are determined to make your trip the best you have ever taken and we happily adapt, modify and change anything to make absolutely certain that your trip is perfect and is everything that we promised and everything you had hoped it would be.


It’s tough to know everything about all 34,000 golf courses and 202,000 hotels in the world, that’s why we stick with what we know...the U.S. and UK. Yes, we've traveled elsewhere and can speak knowledgeably about a great many golfing regions around the world, but our bread and butter is here in the United States and abroad in Scotland, Ireland and England.

We know our locations and products like we know our own neighborhoods. We've traveled, stayed and played in every region we represent. With this intimate knowledge and local contacts, we can often accomplish what others may not.


Membership in professional and trade associations is usually an indication that a company takes pride in its work and abides by that organizations code of ethics and business practices. Those associations recognize that company as a true golf tour operator. We are proud members of our industry associations, including The International Association of Golf Tour Operators (IAGTO), the largest and most respected in the industry. We are also members of The American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA), Golf Ireland, Golf Tourism England, Go Travel Scotland, Golf Highlands, VisitTheUSA, the R&A and the USGA.


This is perhaps the most critical question. Do you get the feeling from emails and your phone conversations that who you’re talking to actually cares about your trip, as if they were going on it themselves? We get excited about every trip we plan. We travel with you to your destinations vicariously, as if we were really there. So, yes, we actually plan the trips with great care and detail, as if we were going along ourselves.


We're proud of our past performance and of the golf trips we've built for our clients. We encourage you to research and ask questions. We also encourage you to review our website and all of the information we've taken the liberty to source conveniently for you. Just ask, and we will happily provide you with references from our enthusiastic clients. We know the closer you look, the better we look.


We realize that price is part of every decision-making process. For some, it's the major factor in their decision process. For others, it's well down the list. While some companies may claim or even guarantee their pricing is the lowest, we believe we guarantee something better...value. We believe you receive the most value for your dollar spent when you travel with us.

When comparing multiple proposals, compare the different itineraries carefully, looking at how they were created and if it all makes sense. Did the companies take the time to plan your itinerary with the least amount of drive time, with a centrally located hotel, with the perfect golf course order, so that you build up to your "trophy" courses gradually. Review the hotels being offered, the types of rooms and meal inclusions. Review the type of vehicle rental and what is included with that rental. And most importantly, make sure all the golf courses you want to play are included in the itinerary, and there are no extra or hidden fees or surcharges.

At the end of the day, we believe it's not always how much you spend on your golf vacation that's most important, but HOW you spend your golf vacation that really counts.