The key to our success


Our values and code of ethics guide us to make every decision, every day, based on what's in our client's best interest.



Honesty, respect, fairness and integrity drive our behavior. We keep our promises and ethical behavior is our standard.

We will always do the right thing when it comes to our clients and their trips. We are driven first by building and offering the absolute best golf tour for you and your personal wishes, and not by any other factor.


We are dedicated to superior performance within our company and to our relationship with our clients. We continue to focus on improving the techniques we use to research and build your golf tours and improve how we run our business. Our decisions will always be based on what's best for our clients. We work very hard on your behalf because we value our relationship with you.


We are committed to the success of our clients, our employees, the destinations we serve and our own community.

But more than anything else, we are committed to making your golf trip the absolute best it can possibly be. This begins with our complete understanding of your wants, needs and expectations of your trip. It carries through to our incorporating all of that into your trip without compromise.



We work together as part of a larger team, with everyone contributing to our success. This not only includes our staff, but it includes our clients and suppliers as well. We realize our success comes from the way we treat everyone... our staff, our clients and our suppliers, and we are always working on improving those relationships.

We treat each other with fairness, respect and dignity. We value and encourage different ideas and points of view.


We are known for the quality and value of our customer service. We tell the truth, keep our promises and deal fairly and ethically with others. Our goal is to establish and maintain long-term relationships built on trust.

This goal guides all our business decisions. It extends to our clients, staff and suppliers. We work hard every day to preserve the highest standards of integrity and professionalism. We expect our industry suppliers to operate with ethical standards and values similar to our own.


We compete fairly but vigorously on the basis of our experience, superior service and value for the monies you spend. Whatever your trip cost, we think the value you receive will be greater.

We are prudent with our client's funds. We pay our suppliers first, before we pay ourselves, and we pay them on-time. We use our client's deposits as they should be used, to pay their trip deposits and to make their trip reservations.


Your next golf trip may be your first, it may be one of many you've taken or it could be that famous "trip of a lifetime" you've dreamed of forever. We treat them all the same, as if it was the only one you'll ever be able to travel on and as if we're going along as well. When we plan your trip with those thoughts in mind, we know it'll be the absolute best trip we can plan and build for you and the absolute best trip you could possibly hope for.

We believe you deserve our fanatical attention to detail, our real-world experience with the locations we offer, our ability to make every part of your trip work perfectly and our genuine commitment to you and your golf travel plans.

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